Monday, 27 July 2015

Audrey Hepburn exhibition National Portrait Gallery London.

I went to see this exhibition last week. This mainly photographic exhibition showed clearly what a style icon she was and still is. I have always been impressed by her ability to use her fame especially in later life, to do such good work especially for UNICEF.
Her long link with Hubert Givenchy was also very clear.  
As I am also half Dutch I am also curious about her ability to keep up her Dutch. I would love to have heard an interview with her in Dutch as I think the tone of voice in another language is much different (lower in Dutch).
Her poise and years as a dancer I think show clearly in the images. It would have been interesting to see more images of her 'au naturel' and as a 'normal' woman as she would clearly have been stunning even just in jeans. This exhibition shows her public life beautifully...but her private life is kept private...probably a good thing, as she is no longer around to defend herself....
these images have come from the National Portrait gallery website.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

R.A.Summer Exhibition...colour! or is it 'color' my spell check keeps telling me!

I went to the RA Summer exhibition with a friend last week. We discovered it was open until 10pm on the friday....great for those of us trying to cram as much as poss into a day!
I found several Barbara Rae paintings which I love.
and then this lovely blue inspiring!
 detail of which...

The fact that several of the wall were painted in strong colours I felt gave the exhibition a bit of oemmphp!
and then of course the Jim Lambie stairs! overall I had a colour fix experience.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Time making art.

As I was talking to a friend the other day they asked me about the time I spend making art.
Am I in the studio every day? I am in the studio every day I said. But here I am Monday morning and I have been doing admin. I actually forget how much time I spend doing art related things that are not actually making art. For example this morning I have spent quite a bit of time working out and reading about tags and titles for my Etsy shop. How does one get found by someone who wants your work?
Then there is the preparation for a possible exhibition. I am meeting with the curator this week and need to show what I have available, sizes of all, prices for all and general information. All of this is necesary and takes time.
Also the keeping track of costs takes time.
Tracy Emin when being interviewed recently emphasized the amount of time that she spends on things that surround her
art. Although people think being an artist is just making art, there is much more to it. She even said she could not have been a mother as well as the artist she is.
But this afternoon I am getting to the studio to paint!

Monday, 6 July 2015

art in Goring Gallery July15

I went into the gallery Art @Goring today to find that they have re-hung my paintings. It is so interesting to see them in a different spot. With different lighting and surroundings they can look quite different. This is something I try to remember when hanging a piece... I so often need to reposition paintings until they have the spot they want!