Monday, 27 April 2015

Little doorstop!

 I cannot resist making boring things a little bit more fun. So this time it was the doorstops turn. the doorstop was needed to keep the kitchen door propped open (as otherwise the cats can't get to their food...that would not be good!). I bought a simple wooden one. It had a sticker on it. when removed it left a dirty mark so heyyyy time for some our doorstop figures.

Spring is here...colour inspiration!

Suddenly plants are popping up all over the garden and the colour and shape inspiration is endless.
As the daffodils are fading the tulips are coming out. In the autumn when I was putting them in I was a little bit concerned I wasn't putting them in correctly and that they might not apear....but here they are...not eaten by squirrels!
The flowers are coming up in all sorts of colour and size combinations. Every day I find another wonderful composition. As a 'new' gardener I am constantly amazed by what is growing where. nature is full of surprises.

Amazing to think that last year this was all just a pile of rubble.
I love the dialogue with plants!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Inspiring colours in odd places

I find inspiration in all sorts of things, for example this detergent lid. What a fab colour !

Weird and wonderful painting materials.

I use a range of conventional and unconventional painting materials. The usual brushes, including some old and favorite ones...but also some things that are less conventional. In the latest painting I have been using bits of old broken tiles (lovely for scratching into the paint with!)
I hope this inspires others to do the same....variety is the spice of life!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Easter eggs...painted by yours truly!

Easter egg painting was such a lovely way to be creative. After having seen some amazing Easter eggs in shops in Salzburg, I thought I would have a go.
I used a nice big jam jar and decorated it with ribbon. (as I couldn't get the glue off!). I filled it with small stones then added an old bit of dried up ivy twigg. Then my lovely other half gave me the blown out egg shells. I painted these with acrylic paints and hey presto!
Of course I had to add one of the cats. Tom sitting by his string. (this is what he has taken to doing in the hope that someone will walk past and play with him....ahhhh. On the other side I painted our female cat.