Monday, 29 October 2012

More pics of the Nufield exhibition.
 The Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital is an Oxford University hospital. This is an amazing hospital where they do such amazing work.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Nuffield hospital Oxford exhibition is up!

do visit if you are in Oxford. I'm so pleased it all went up so well yesterday and really has brightened up the walls at the entrance and in the corridors. Thanks so my lovely friend who helped with transport and all.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New York New York...the big apple as inspiration

My fabulous recent trip to NY with a lovely friend has left  many images, ideas and thoughts in my mind.
We met some amazing people including finding a very inspiring gallery 'Spanierman'. Do look at their website if you like American abstract art.
Some of the colour abstracts this gallery sells are amazing.
So I set to work and after the usual ups and downs and 'ohhhh I'm never going to paint again' problems I have completed a painting I am now pleased with. There is a great richness in the colours which doesn't fully come across in the image but it gives a good idea of the painting.
The NY grid system and vibrancy were major players here.

 I am now off to work on the others in the set..... so a big coffee and off to the studio!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

October 9,2012 Colour ... Green.

Interesting that when you are really thinking about something it pops up all over the place.
I went to the 'Real homes' exhibition at Olympia and while I was there I went to a talk about colour in your home.
I have also just been teaching some artists colour theory. The theory is really the same ,just adjusted to an environment, a canvas or piece of paper. One thing I thought was particularly interesting was that if you have a blue flower pattern in a front room on the wall and then have the same colours in a stripe on a back wall of an adjacent room, it will look longer than if painted a plain colour (from the flower pattern). How the keep the eye moving. How to keep the interest.

As the colours of the trees are about to change, I am concentrating on painting these different greens before they leave for another year.
I have got as far as about 50.
Nature is so amazing and we forget to look at it closely.