Tuesday, 9 October 2012

October 9,2012 Colour ... Green.

Interesting that when you are really thinking about something it pops up all over the place.
I went to the 'Real homes' exhibition at Olympia and while I was there I went to a talk about colour in your home.
I have also just been teaching some artists colour theory. The theory is really the same ,just adjusted to an environment, a canvas or piece of paper. One thing I thought was particularly interesting was that if you have a blue flower pattern in a front room on the wall and then have the same colours in a stripe on a back wall of an adjacent room, it will look longer than if painted a plain colour (from the flower pattern). How the keep the eye moving. How to keep the interest.

As the colours of the trees are about to change, I am concentrating on painting these different greens before they leave for another year.
I have got as far as about 50.
Nature is so amazing and we forget to look at it closely.

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