Friday, 22 May 2015

more plant inspiration for painting!

Every day now when I walk round the garden I see something new that has appeared. there is soooo much painting inspiration around. I love this time of year.
Here are some of today's stars! what about you? Do you have plants appearing at the moment?

 hiding peoni...what wonderful colour combination this is with the honesty around...

 this one smells fab!
 nice and bright! oranges going into my paintings now!

what a perfect shape!

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  1. Same here, Bobbie ❤️😎 Love this time of year too. Forsythia is growing bigger and bigger, a huge, wonderful yellow presence in our spring garden. White and pink rhododendron this week. Gullvivor, vitsippor, påskliljor: ask Pär for translations 😄🌺🌸💐❤️.