Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My poppy painting in a magazine!

I have just been alerted by my son, to the fact that my painting is in the Goring Gap magazine behind Sarah, the gallery owner! It is  a shame the article is about the closing of the gallery, but my poppy painting is in full view.
This is part of a series of paintings I did of flowers. As women in the past were not allowed to paint anything but flowers, due to our delicate sensibilities, and it would teach us about nature, I thought it interesting to blow them up, so making the delicate flowers powerful.
I have also created a series of giglee prints of these, which are a little smaller than the 1.20m or 1m lengths of the originals!... so able to even fit on a cottage wall.(these are for sale through my etsy site).
have a great week...you never know when fame may strike!

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