Monday, 8 August 2016

Blank canvas...the start

 A new painting is always the start of millions of possibilities. Where to begin?! There is always an element of fear and excitement.
With the commission I am working on at the moment this is no exception. I make sure I have a rough plan so I have something to start with. I put this base layers down and then the obsessive dialogue with the canvas starts! I become completely obsessed with the colours and shapes I am using. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, the painting is there in the back of my mind. When I see a shape or a colour combination that I think fits with what I am doing I record it. This can be by sketching it, photographing it or saving it on the computer. Then with all this information I can work to put down these influences. The journey begins!
I hope your week gives you a good 'journey'.

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