Monday, 1 May 2017

Other points of view while looking at art...

It is always interesting to me to see how different people see my work and how it affects them.  Especially with abstract paintings like mine the interpretations and reactions can be quite diverse.
People have asked me in the past what they should see in a particular painting....and what had I had in mind when painting this? Although the latter I can usually have some discussion I was feeling at the time of painting, what had inspired me etc, however what they should see in the painting I think is completely up to the viewer.
We all have had different experiences in life and have associations with different places. This translates into a whole range of related associations in our heads with particular shapes, colours, textures etc. So when we are looking at a piece of artwork those connections come in to play and give us a special relationship with a piece of art. Hence it can be so wonderfully uplifting to find a piece of art you have a special connection to.
I hope you have a week full of such inspiring art

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